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RTB feeds are becoming more popular because buyers can pick and choose which users they would like to display an advert to based on information given about the user viewing the publisher website.

Many advertisers are feeling the strain on programmatic advertising of Banners at the moment, the only way this stress can now be relieved is to reduce overheads, ultimately reducing the cost of the traffic that is purchased.

A great way to do this is to stop using DSP's that charge a percentage on you're spend, on average DSP's will take a 10-30% chunk out of your advertising budget by discreetly inflating the cost of the impressions your bidding on.

This is why we created Core Bidder, our prices are cheap and we only charge a fixed montly cost while sporting a competitively feature rich and easy to use platform.

But unlike a regular DSP to use Core Bidder you will need to arrange your own SSP connections to supply traffic to your private instance of Core Bidder, the best traffic comes from SSP's such as Atomx, SSPHWY, Smaato, MoPub, AppNexus and OpenX.


The technology required to make use of RTB requires special technical knowledge of the OpenRTB protcol and other aspects of programming. Thus the alternative until now has been to access these RTB feeds (MoPub, AppNexus, etc) via Demand Side Platforms (DSP's) at a premium which the DSP operator charges, typically 10% - 30% of the advertisers spending budget.


On top of charging a handsome fee to connect you to the RTB Channels on a single shared server for all clients; each DSP will have different campaign targeting and reporting systems where users take advantage of the fexibility of the options OpenRTB brings to the process of traffic buying. Often these are colvoluted systems that aim to impress customers rather than offer a practical and effective experience.


We now see complex reporting being done on the Advertisement management side by services like VOLUUM, this means that OpenRTB bidding interfaces can be seen as traffic feeds, picking out the best traffic and filtering it into specific feeds at predictable cost/volume ratios.

Connecting to an SSP is easy, Core Bidder supports all OpenRTB Protocol versions.

All you need to do is supply your server URL or IP address as the "Endpoint URL" e.g.

You can point your own domains at the server IP address by setting up an A record in your Domain's DNS.

We suggest having one dedicated server per SSP that you connect to, and have each server located as geographically close to the SSP's server as possible. We provide servers in two main locations, Europe and USA.


~10,000 Queries Per-Second Starting from $30/mo
~40,000 Queries Per-Second Starting from $60/mo
Supports all OpenRTB Protocol versions.
Supports NATIVE, VAST, MRAID, PMP, DAAST and Classic Banners.
MaxMind ISP, Connection Type and GEO Location encrichment, supporting IPv4 & IPv6.
Lat/Lon Targeting, ISP Targeting and Connection Type Targeting for every impression.
Accurate Unique Filtering up to 48 hours.
You're own personal Virtual Private Server with the Core Bidder software pre-installed.
Automatic CPM calibration, detects the lowest winning CPM for the desired specified Win's per second rate.
Block specific Source Domains and Carrier / Internet Service Provider names per configured traffic supply.

VPS + Core Bidder Pricing

CPU, Location, & Time

This size VPS is suitable for ~1.2 Billion Delivered Impressions a day.
Total Cost: 340 USD for 1 Months

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